Your Bentley, your way

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IN THE RARIFIED world of ultra-luxury, mere possession of a finely crafted object with a breathtakingly high price tag is quite often not enough.

For the most discerning cognoscenti, the most desirable trait is exclusivity. From an extremely rare timepiece to a bespoke dress or suit from a celebrated fashion house, these buyers cherish the exclusivity that comes with such an item.

This desire for rarity extends even to automobiles. And rarity is virtually the raison d’etre of English automobile coachbuilder, Mulliner — arguably the finest of its time. The company, which originally produced saddles for horses in the 16th century and coaches in the 19th century, made a significant switch in the 20th century by creating exquisitely handcrafted car bodies and cabins, each designed to meet its clients’ exacting requirements.

By the 1920s, Mulliner was no longer alone in the coachbuilding business, but the company was already the leader in creating exquisitely crafted Bentley cars like the 1952 R-Type Continental. Finally, in 1959, Mulliner became part of Bentley and started handling the company’s personal commissioning division.

Bentley’s customers have many options in the company’s lineup, but for those who desire a higher level of customization — beyond what a regular Bentley offers — Mulliner is the answer.

Mulliner offers a range of products and services, from premium options that can be fitted to Bentley production cars as they are built, to truly unique bespoke luxury cars such as the Bentley Bacalar and the latest Bentley Batur.

“Here’s what Mulliner brings to the table: It responds to the requirements of Bentley’s most discerning customers. Today, we have the pleasure of delving into the world of unparalleled craftsmanship with the Bentley Mulliner program. It pushes the boundaries of design, performance, and engineering in crafting Bentleys that are as thrilling to drive as they are captivating to behold,” said Bentley Manila Managing Director Christopher Chan during an afternoon tea with the media.

It is that exclusivity that makes Bentley so successful at selling extremely expensive cars in the Philippines. Bentley Manila’s Mulliner program fulfills the wishes of buyers who want their Bentayga, Flying Spur, or Continental to be distinct from other brands on the road.

Mr. Chan explained that there is nothing quite like the opulence of a Bentley bespoke finish that the Mulliner program offers. For those who opt for the Mulliner program, no request is too difficult to fulfill. From a simple monogrammed upholstery to elaborate tailored body modifications done exclusively by highly skilled Mulliner craftsmen, expect the best that the Bentley brand can offer.

With the Mulliner program, buyers can choose from a virtually limitless palette of colors, leathers, and veneers. “Perhaps you desire a marquetry inlay that depicts a cherished family memory or intricate hand-stitching that embodies your personal design motif; rest assured that our Mulliner artisans will translate your dreams into reality,” he added.

But the Mulliner program is not just about aesthetics. It’s also about creating a car that delivers a dynamic driving experience. Through Mulliner experts, the car’s suspension and powertrain are optimized to bring enhanced and unrivaled performance.

As a result, the Mulliner program in the Philippines has seen significant growth, with year-to-date orders already exceeding the entire year of 2021. To simplify offerings, three new Mulliner tiers were introduced: Mulliner Coachbuilt, Mulliner Bespoke, and Curated by Mulliner.

When you buy a Bentley, you have the opportunity to enhance the car even further. Beyond the standard and extended palettes of Bentley exterior paints, Curated by Mulliner is a great start to make your car distinct from the rest. With Mulliner’s curated premium range of solid, metallic, satin, and pearlescent paints, it’s easy to make your ride a sure head-turner on the road.

The Curated by Mulliner range also includes duo-tone options for the Bentayga, featuring pairs of colors selected by Mulliner’s designers to enhance the car’s sleek form. Commissioning a car with a Mulliner exterior finish is easy since one could simply browse the available colors on the Bentley Configurator and discuss the choices, just as you would any other option. The recently launched Speed powertrain (6.0-liter W12 gasoline engine) on the Continental GT Mulliner best exemplifies this range.

Mulliner Bespoke Bentleys, on the other hand, offer a wide range of stunning bespoke finishes, including specialty veneers and precious metals, making the Bentley a distinctive ride.

Materials like ancient stone veneers, glittering 18-carat gold-plated organ stops, and pinstriped and painted veneers are mostly unavailable to other car manufacturers.

There is nothing quite like the opulence of a Mulliner Bespoke finish, such as the Continental GTC Mulliner (a one-off with the US team), which features contrasting elements and bespoke detail.

Mulliner Coachbuilt is the ultimate in personal commissioning. The Mulliner Coachbuilt team of designers, engineers, and artisans can bring your dreams to life, combining their skills with modern sustainable design, cutting-edge engineering, and innovation.

The Bentleys produced not only exceed the unique demands of those who commission them but also set new standards in luxury design. These Bentleys are very limited, with exclusive production runs which buyers can tailor to their personal tastes.

For the even more discerning few, the Mulliner Coachbuilt Bentley that will be produced may only be one in the world, built from the ground up, making it truly unique.

One of the most recent Mulliner creations is the Umbra, based on the Bentayga S, with a darker, sportier aesthetic inspired by the innermost part of a shadow. The exterior features Bentley firsts, such as a hand-painted fade on the bumper and painted accents on the S wheels, while the interior boasts extended Dinamica and carbon fiber, with a unique perforated fade design on the seats and door cards.

Exclusively available in the Asia Pacific-South market, the Umbra can be ordered in seven accent color options: Vivid Red, Mandarin, Kingfisher, Key Lime, Cyber Yellow, Vivid Purple, and Cherry Blossom.

“Driving a Bentley is a statement of success, but a Bentley Mulliner is a true expression of one’s individuality. It’s a car crafted to one’s desires, a testament to one’s discerning taste, and a legacy that will endure for generations,” Mr. Chan concluded.