Breaking Barriers: Globe Group’s inclusive culture fosters female leadership

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As a company at the forefront of championing gender equality and driving technological progress, the Globe Group has cultivated an inclusive ecosystem where women not only thrive but also lead with excellence. 

In the spirit of Women’s Month, the company proudly spotlights three remarkable female leaders initiating change and spearheading innovation within the organization and the broader community.

Beia Latay: A Visionary in Healthcare Technology

At the helm of digital healthcare innovation is Beia Latay, CEO of KonsultaMD. Beia’s strategic leadership has helped transform KonsultaMD into a premier telehealth platform in the Philippines, making healthcare accessible to all Filipinos.

Beia’s mission extends beyond healthcare, as she also promotes female empowerment. She believes in the potential of homegrown companies to serve as powerful examples for aspiring leaders.

“I want Filipinas to build more confidence, dream bigger, and aim higher. I hope to inspire future generations of women to pursue careers in healthcare and technology, knowing that their contributions can make a significant difference in the lives of others,” she said.

Joan Peñaflorida: An Advocate for Technology and Growth

Joan Peñaflorida, President and CEO of Yondu, has driven the company to remarkable achievements in the IT and cybersecurity sectors. Her focus on building a culture of trust, empowerment, and innovation has not only led to financial success but also fostered a supportive environment for employees.

Beyond providing top-notch IT solutions, Joan and her team are working towards a future where cybersecurity is not just a priority but a shared responsibility. Her dual role as a leader and a mother amplifies her commitment to cybersecurity awareness, underscoring the critical need for digital safety, especially among the youth.

“As a mother with a kid who is increasingly immersed in the online world, cybersecurity awareness hits close to home. Ensuring the safety and security of our younger generation, who are often vulnerable to online scams and threats, is a cause I’m deeply passionate about,” she said.

Irish Salandanan-Almeida: A Guardian of Digital Privacy and Online Safety

Atty. Irish Salandanan-Almeida, Globe’s Chief Privacy Officer, has played a crucial role in ensuring customer privacy and online safety. Her leadership in expanding Globe’s team of privacy and cybersecurity professionals reflects her dedication to creating a secure digital environment for everyone.

Being a mother, Irish places strong emphasis on children’s online safety. Her efforts in educating the public about data privacy are invaluable, benefiting not just the company but the wider community.

“As a mom of three young children, it’s important to me that my children know how to navigate the internet safely and to protect themselves online. I’m glad that as part of my job, I’m able to advocate for online safety and children’s privacy and contribute to the good of society,” she remarked.

Empowering Women in a Supportive Culture

The Globe Group’s inclusive environment, where women’s voices are heard and leadership with conviction is encouraged, enables women like Beia, Joan, and Irish to make significant impact in their respective fields.

“In the Globe Group, women have a safe space where we can debate openly without fear of judgment. It helps that we’re able to be ourselves. Since there are a lot of women working and leading in the Globe Group, empathy is visible,” Beia noted.

Joan expressed deep appreciation for the company’s unwavering commitment to nurturing a supportive work environment for women, saying: “At Globe, it’s not just a goal, it’s ingrained in our DNA.”

She further highlighted the critical role of diversity at Yondu, an IT solutions provider.

“One of the core values fundamental to its success is diversity. Regardless of gender, every voice is valued and respected,” Joan said.

Building on this ethos of support and inclusivity, Irish added that Globe leaders extend mentorship to other women, utilizing both informal interactions and the structured iMentor program, to foster a culture of growth and empowerment.

Guidance for Future Women Leaders

These inspiring leaders effectively blend their experiences into essential advice for aspiring young women, offering a cohesive roadmap for growth and success.

Beia shares a powerful message of encouragement: “Stay true to your passions, embrace challenges for growth, and push boundaries. Surround yourself with supportive mentors, and never stop learning.”

Joan further reinforces this guidance by emphasizing the significance of education, continuous learning, and the courage to venture beyond one’s comfort zone. She believes that building strong relationships, seeking mentorship, and maintaining authenticity and self-belief are foundational steps to success.

Echoing this sentiment, Irish advises, “Just go for it. You only need one person to believe in you, and that is you. Know that you can achieve anything you put your heart and mind into.” Her encouragement serves as a reminder of the power of self-confidence and determination in achieving one’s goals.

The achievements and insights of its women leaders enable the Globe Group to inspire and chart a path toward excellence for upcoming generations. Their collective contributions underscore the importance of female leadership in driving innovation and progress.

To learn more about Globe, visit www.globe.com.ph.

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