PSC’s Bachmann vows accounting overhaul to minimize delays in payments to athletes 

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AN EXECUTIVE all his life, Philippine Sports Commission (PSC) chairman Richard Bachmann is slowly turning the government sports-funding agency the way he’s been doing it in the past — by injecting a measure of corporate efficiency.

“I’m kind of tired (of being) asked that question since I took over here, and my answer to that ‘basta tama, wala namang corporate, corporate, walang gobyerno, gobyerno” (as long as it’s right, it doesn’t matter whether it’s the corporate or government approach), Mr. Bachmann said at the Philippine Sportswriters Association Forum Tuesday at the Rizal Memorial Sports Complex.

One of his priorities is automating the agency’s accounting system in order to minimize delays in disbursing national athletes’ monthly allowances.

“We just want to make it easier, faster for everyone and prevent delays,” Mr. Bachmann said.

He is also seeking to implement its own ticketing system at the Rizal Memorial Coliseum, the Ninoy Aquino Stadium, Rizal Football field and PhilSports Complex instead of contracting the service out to a private ticketing agency.

“Why can’t we have our own ticketing system,” he said.

To generate revenue, Mr. Bachmann is studying leasing some sites with commercial potential to “7-11, Family Mart, or a coffee shop for our athletes,” he said.

“I hired eight to 10 consultants to address all these concerns,” he said. — Joey Villar