House body approves freelance bill

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THE HOUSE of Representatives labor committee on Monday approved a measure that seeks to protect the rights of freelance workers and ensure they work under humane conditions.  

Consolidated House Bill 615 directs the employer and freelance worker to sign a hiring contract. 

Pangasinan Rep. Christopher V.P. De Venecia, who filed the bill, said freelancers are not protected by the employee-employer relationship. 

Under the bill, workers required to go to the office must be paid a night shift differential of not less than 10% of their basic pay for each hour of work performed between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. unless there is a contrary clause in the contract.  

They must also be paid hazard pay equivalent to at least 25% of the total payment for the period of deployment for freelance workers in dangerous areas such as isolated stations, prison camps, mental hospitals, radiation-exposed clinics, disease-infested laboratories, or areas under a state of calamity.