What to see This Week (08/05/22)

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WRITTEN and directed by lawyer and filmmaker Vince Tañada, Katips the musical drama by Philstagers Films was adapted from the 2016 stage musical Katips: Ang Mga Bagong Katipunero. It follows a group of rebels, led by student leader Greg, subversive writer Panyong, and Alet, and their efforts to fight against the Marcos dictatorship even when the odds seem stacked against them. The film stars Vince Tañada, Jerome Ponce, Adelle Ibarrientos, Nicole Laurel, Johnrey Rivas, Joshua Bulot, Vean Olmedo, Dexter Doria, Lou Veloso, OJ Arci, Dindo Arroyo, Afi Africa, Patricia Ismael, Carla Lim, Chris Lim and Mon Confiado. It features music by Pipo Cifra and an ensemble cast from Philippine Stagers Foundation.

MTRCB Rating: R-16

Maid in Malacañang

THE VIVA Films and Vincentiments-produced film tackles the final 72 hours that the Marcos family spent in Malacañang Palace before being forced into exile in Hawaii by the EDSA I Revolution in 1986. Written and directed by Darryl Yap, it stars Cesar Montano as Ferdinand Marcos, Sr., Ruffa Gutierrez as Imelda Marcos, Cristine Reyes as Imee Marcos, Diego Loyzaga as Bongbong Marcos, and Ella Cruz as Irene Marcos.  It also stars Elizabth Oropesa, Beverly Salviejo, and Giselle Sanchez. 

MTRCB Rating: PG