Conservation task force orders gov’t agencies to upgrade cooling systems

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THE Inter-Agency Energy Efficiency and Conservation Committee (IAEECC) said it will require government agencies to install upgraded cooling systems that are in compliance with the prevailing MEPP standard.

“All government entities shall ensure that only energy-efficient inverter type air-conditioning units that are compliant with the Minimum Energy Performance for Products (MEPP) shall be installed or used in their buildings, facilities and air-conditioning retrofit projects,” the committee said in a recent resolution posted on the Department of Energy’s (DoE) website.

MEPP-compliant cooling systems must have a minimum cooling seasonal performance factor (CSPF) of 3.08 for those that consume less than 3.3 kilowatts (kW); and a CSPF of 2.8 for those consuming 3.3 kW to 9.9 kW.

The DoE has said that inverter-type cooling units use up 30% less power compared to conventional air-conditioning units.

The resolution put the trade and science departments in charge of issuing the guidelines on certifying energy-efficient inverter type air-conditioning units, and undertaking research on better cooling technologies, respectively.

“All government entities shall observe… waste management collection, recycling and disposal under Republic Act No. 11285 (Energy Efficiency and Conservation Act) to prevent any negative impacts on the environment brought about by the replacement of non-energy efficient air-conditioning units,” it added.

The IAEECC is chaired by Energy Secretary Alfonso G. Cusi. Its eight members include representatives from the Departments of Finance, Trade and Industry and Science and Technology. — Angelica Y. Yang