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24 of the weirdest and most unique McDonald’s restaurants in the world

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Photos of the most unique McDonald’s restaurants in the world – Business Insider

art deco mcdonalds australia

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McDonald’s restaurants are among some of the most recognizable chains in the world.

From the golden arches to the signature red-and-yellow architecture, McDonald’s restaurants tend to fall into a certain style when it comes to design.

However, some McDonald’s restaurants are found in unique and downright strange locations.

Here are 24 of the weirdest and most unique McDonald’s restaurants in the world.

The McDonald’s location in Downey, California, is the oldest McDonald’s restaurant that still looks as it did when it first opened.

mcdonalds downey ca


It is the oldest surviving McDonald’s location in the world, and it doesn’t even have a drive-thru! Instead, customers can walk up to the restaurant’s windows to order.

This McDonald’s restaurant in Hangzhou, China, is located inside a 90-year-old villa that once housed a former Taiwanese leader.

hangzhou china mcdonald's

Zhang Peng/LightRocket/Getty Images

Before being converted into a McDonald’s and McCafe restaurant, the building was known as a cultural relic that was the residence of politician Chiang Ching-kuo for one month during the 1940s.

This McDonald’s restaurant in Taupo, New Zealand, is located inside a decommissioned plane.

plane mcdonalds nz


Named one of the “world’s coolest McDonald’s” according to a sign outside the restaurant, customers can enjoy everything from a classic Big Mac to Chicken McNuggets and McCafe beverages inside the plane.

There’s even airplane-style seating where customers can sit and enjoy their food.

plane mcdonalds


Visitors to this unique McDonald’s restaurant can also view the D3 plane’s cockpit.

Built in 1983, the Rock-N-Roll McDonald’s in Chicago, Illinois, was known nationwide for its themed decor.

Rock 'N' Roll McDonald's

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Filled with music and pop-culture memorabilia, the restaurant spanned two floors and was a replica of Ray Kroc’s first McDonald’s.

The decor was quintessentially ’80s, but in 2017, the fast-food giant decided the location would be fully renovated and modernized.

Rock 'N' Roll McDonald's

Tim Boyle/Getty Images

After the restaurant was partially demolished and modernized, the memorabilia once housed in the restaurant went into the franchise owner’s personal collection, according to the Chicago Tribune.

This McDonald’s in Sedona, Arizona, is the only one in the world with turquoise arches.

mcdonalds sedona arizona

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The restaurant, which was built in May 1993, is located in one of Arizona’s most beautiful cities; it’s known for its awe-inspiring red rock mountains, canyon walls, and pine forests.

This McDonald’s in Houston, Texas, is space-themed to pay homage to the nearby NASA space center.

houston mcdonalds

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On top of the large McDonald’s restaurant, which also has a play place, is a statue of a NASA astronaut holding a container of fries.

The theme continues inside the restaurant.

houston mcdonalds

Amanda H./Yelp

Ronald McDonald and the rest of the “McDonaldland” characters line the walls wearing space suits and posing against a starry background.

The world’s first floating McDonald’s restaurant opened in St. Louis, Missouri, in 1980.

mcdonalds boat st louis

(Gerald) LEE SNIDER/Getty Images

Moored slightly south of the Gateway Arch on the Mississippi River, this McDonald’s was the very first McDonald’s to be opened on a riverboat.

It was open for 20 years before closing in 2000.

The McDonald’s restaurant in Freeport, Maine, looks much more like a house than a standard fast-food franchise.

freeport mcdonalds

Gabe Souza/Portland Press Herald/Getty Images

Some McDonald’s locations attempt to blend in with the local buildings and are designed more sympathetically.

This McDonald’s location, however, was actually built inside a preexisting, 150-year-old colonial mansion. Located in Freeport, a small seaside town in Maine, the building was converted into the town’s only McDonald’s in 1984.

This Paris McDonald’s is located in a historic building built in 1892.

paris mcdonalds

Oleg Anisimov/Shutterstock

The restaurant can be found on Rue Saint-Lazare in Paris, France. Though the building is now a McDonald’s, it’s also a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

This McDonald’s in Dallas, Texas, was built in the shape of the fast-food restaurant’s iconic Happy Meal box.

dallas mcdonalds

James Kirkikis/Shutterstock

Though the McDonald’s location is less colorful now, it’s still the same shape and features giant sculptures of a burger, fries, and a Coca-Cola cup.

This McDonald’s restaurant in Kristiansand, Norway, was converted from an old bank building.

mcdonalds norway

Janus Orlov/Shutterstock

Though you might think patrons can stroll up the steps to enter one of the most unique McDonald’s buildings in the world, customers actually enter from a side entrance.

A McDonald’s in Sao Paulo, Brazil, is similarly grandiose — though it has cartoonish fry sculptures on the front of the building.

mcdonalds Sao Paulo


The building almost resembles the White House.

However, past its columns and grand facade, customers can still enjoy McDonald’s favorites like the Big Mac or Brazilian menu items like the Crispy Bacon Steak or Big Tasty Turbo Cheese burgers.

This McDonald’s restaurant in Tver, Russia, looks slightly more mid-century-modern than many US locations.

russian mcdonalds


While most restaurants in the United States feature the colors red and yellow, this Russian location uses green and yellow in its design.

A McDonald’s location in Porto, Portugal, was previously occupied by Cafe Imperial, a famous coffee shop open in the city since the 1930s.

mcdonalds porto portugal


The giant bronze eagle was designed by Portuguese sculptor Henrique Moreira and is usually the first thing customers notice when they approach the restaurant.

Inside the restaurant, guests find glamorous details like crystal chandeliers and a massive stained glass window behind the counter.

porto portugal mcdonalds


According to a previous article by Business Insider, the colorful window is original to the coffee shop that previously occupied the space, and it features beautiful coffee-related scenes.

The restaurant has been called the world’s most beautiful McDonald’s.

This McDonald’s in Debrecen, Hungary, was built inside a historic-looking building.

mcdonalds hungary


One thing is for certain … it’ll be difficult to leave this McDonald’s restaurant “Hungary.”

Independence, Ohio, is home to a McDonald’s that’s known as one of the fanciest fast-food restaurants in the country.

mcdonalds independence ohio

Michael P./Yelp

It was designed in accordance with building requirements from the city where the median household income is more than $100,000, according to census data.

Inside, guests are greeted by gold chandeliers and a majestic banister.

mcdonalds independence ohio

Michael P./Yelp

“The building is unique to any I have ever seen and it is a joy to take a break and walk to the second floor and enjoy the view while I enjoy breakfast or lunch,” wrote one Tripadvisor user.

The restaurant is surrounded by passenger train cars, which are used as dining areas.

barstow station mcdonalds

Joanna Z./Yelp

Despite having a unique theme, the restaurant still serves up McDonald’s favorites.

A McDonald’s restaurant is also found inside the historic Denton House on Long Island, New York.

new hyde park mcdonald's

Mike C./Yelp

The building was originally an 18th-century farmhouse that was converted into a Georgian-style mansion in the 1860s.

McDonald’s originally intended to knock the building down after it was purchased in 1985.

new hyde park mcdonald's

Paul D./Yelp

However, according to Atlas Obscura, the fast-food giant faced pressure from preservationists to restore the home to its former grandeur.

The town then allowed the chain to build onto the existing building to create space for a drive-thru.

This unique McDonald’s location can be found in Batumi, Georgia.

batumi mcdonalds

Karolis Kavolelis/Shutterstock

Located in downtown Batumi, this McDonald’s stands out for its reflective glass exterior. Patrons eating inside the restaurant can also gaze out onto the pool of water and manicured grass surrounding the building.

The restaurant features everything from red oak tables to a self-playing baby grand piano, wrought iron railings, and a fireplace.

biltmore mcdonalds

Nelson M./Yelp

Around the holidays, the location also decorates for Christmas, filling the restaurant with garlands, wreaths, and a decorated tree.

Employees are also reportedly required to dress in black vests and bow ties to go along with the “classy” theme of the location.